Harley Selected On To AASE Initiative

Congratulations to Harley Beentjes who has been included on to the 2016 intake of the AASE Programme which aims to help young aged 16 to 18 combine education and sport. Harley becomes the 12th swimmer from Wigan BEST to be selected to take part in the programme since its inception in 2006.

AASE is a government funded initiative and is aimed at athletes who have a realistic chance of achieving excellence in sport. Harley will be part of the programme for 2 years and during this period will complete various components which include:-

  • Level 3 certificate in achieving excellence in sport.
  • Level 3 understanding sports performance.
  • Employment rights and responsibilities.
  • Personal learning and thinking skills.
  • Level 2 English & Maths.

The programme also includes a training week in Tenerithe at the start of year 2. On behalf of Wigan BEST we wish Harley every success with the programme and we are sure he will continue the excellent results that Wigan BEST has enjoyed with this programme.

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