Wigan BEST Elite Swim Club & Wigan Council Swim Squad Mission Statement

Wigan BEST Elite Swim Club & Wigan Council Swim Squad Aims To :

  • To provide Professional & Suitably Qualified Coaching and guidance to all members inline with ASA policies.
  • To provide coaching and facilities beyond that which the feeder community swimming clubs within the Borough can provide.
  • To provide an environment which all members can achieve their full potential.
  • To provide an environment to enable swimmers to reach the highest level within the sport of competitive swimming
  • To provide a smooth, safe and healthy progressive training programme & environment. Allowing swimmers to achieve the correct level and pass from ability group to ability group following the guidelines and principles of British Swimming LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) plan.
  • To provide positive encouragement & reward through awards and achievement within training and competition.To provide and environment that encourages team building. And to generate an atmosphere which encourages sportsmanship & swimmers to support one another.
  • To set clear training standards & guidelines which will promote a suitable training environment in which swimmers can reach National and International level.
  • To become a leading performance swimming scheme in the North-West Region.

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