March 2014 200m & 400m IM

Congratulations to all swimmers who competed in the WLCT Swim Squad medley swims, again the hard work that has been completed by everyone has paid off with some magnificence improvements throughout all groups.

Well done to our Age Group Development group who achieved 100% improvement well done. A big thank you to Rob for his efforts in compiling this months report in my absence.

May I remind everyone that we do look at the medley times when accessing the ability groups, but these are not the only indicators it is very much down to how the swimmers are training, attendance and skill development. Parents and swimmers must realise that success is not down to how fast swimmers move through the groups,

In the past 18 months we have reassessed the work and skills that are delivered in each group several times, and the type of work that is being completed by each of our ability groups has now  increased unbelievably through this period, and our aim is to ensure that every swimmer is receiving the work that is relevant to their ability, and we are developing success and aiming for the long term.

As a parent you have a very difficult job as you have to go through all the emotions and at times you will find it very frustrating  but it is important for your child that you develop a sound understanding of the sport based on facts and not ear say.

I feel one of the hardest jobs as a parent is to develop patience and realise that the road to success is full of pot-holes.  Swimmers and Parents need to learn  from each and every swim taking a negative swim or experience and turn it in to a positive to ensure you learn and use this to produce the best outcome in later years. Could I please ask every parent familiarises themselves with the sports LTAD which can be viewed  HERE it will give you some understanding as to what is required for a swimmer to develop to the highest levels their ability will allow.

FULL Medley report:-

Age Group Performance >>>>> 2014 March Time Trial AGP

Age Group Development & Junior Development >>>>> 2014 March Time Trial AGD & JD

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