ASA England Selection For Mel.

Congratulations to Melissa Braddock who following her great performance at the British Gas ASA National Age Groups has been selected to the ASA new initiative “The ASA National Development Programme”. This programme has just been rolled out by the ASA and intends to profile swimmers and help them develop to the next level.

The Programme Explained.

The England National Talent programme for swimming has undergone a remodelling process to integrate the programme within the evolving World Class structure.

This has been carried out with the aim of creating a clearer and more aligned pathway for English swimmers moving through the system, towards the achievement of the long term goals and potential. A major feature of this emerging pathway is the implementation of swimmer profiling based on world class and research based skills, attributes and characteristics. This profiling process will include athlete tracking and monitoring, with the introduction of individual athlete appraisal and development planning at relevant stages in the pathway.

England National Programme Overview

The objective of the England Programme is to identify, select and support the development of English swimmers who show potential to achieve future success at senior international level. The programme will be focused upon the support of named individuals who feature within the swimmer pathway and identified coaches. Specific activities and interventions are designed to prepare athletes for progression to World Class Programmes and to further performance coach development.

Swimmer Development Programme

The England National Programme from the 2013-2014 season will operate in three phases:

• Phase One (September – December)

35-50 swimmers from each of the eight regions will be identified through a competitive result, ranking or via Programme Officer discretionary selection. These swimmers will be invited to attend an England Performance Profiling and Development Day (EPPDD). On this day individuals will be profiled on physical, technical, physiological and historical factors. This will populate a profile database of 280-400 athletes.

England Programme staff will carry out club visits on a prioritised basis through phase one.

• Phase Two (January – March)

120 swimmers will be identified through their phase one profiles or through nomination by World Class Programmes staff. They will be invited to a three day training and development event camp. Activities on the weekend will include further screening and assessment, specific training, educational interventions and forward planning activities.

England Programmes staff will liaise with the home coach of all phase two swimmers, with the majority of swimmers receiving a club visit(s), featuring advice on forward planning for the swimmer and a review of the overall training programme with a focus on defining areas for development within the coaching programme or daily training environment.

• Phase Three (April – July)

40-50 swimmers will be prioritised on the basis of overall profile, improvement following the development plan and where relevant competitive performance. They will be selected to travel as an England team on a training camp and international competitive experience. There will be an open water specific group within phase three, in addition to a pool swimming group.

Clubs and home coaches of all phase three swimmers will be visited by England Programme staff. In addition to provision of feedback and input regarding the training programme and environment, the swimmers’ overall profile will be reviewed and personal development priorities set in line with the World Class Athlete Improvement Monitoring (AIMs) process.

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