International Warm Weather Training Camp

Wigan Best

Wigan BEST Camp 2013 05923 Swimmer’s and 7 Staff formed the 2013 Wigan BEST International Training Camp to Fuerteventura. The Team left a very cold Manchester Airport on the 27th March for the sunny 22c resort of Corralejo at the northern end of the island.

The aim of the camp was an intense training week where the youth swimmers completed 10 * 2 hour swim sessions which incorporated several test sets throughout the week. Along with the pool sessions the swimmers worked with the clubs fitness coach working on improving the swimmers core stability in 7 * 1 hour session.

All facilities where on site, and the club had access to the excellent 50m pool and gym. In all the National group completed 67,000m during the week with the age group members completing 60,000m.

During the week the club utilised the clubs underwater video set up and the swimmers were able to receive personal feed back on a daily basis of their strokes and development. The coaches made excellent use of the conference facilities of the centre for playing back the footage to the swimmers.

As part of the 2013 staff we were very lucky to secure the service of a sports masseur who was available to the swimmers on a daily basis.

Photographs from the weeks training camp can be found in our members area.

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