3rd August Squad To Re-Open

As you will be aware the government has made an announcement stating that pools may reopen from the 25th July 2020. Inspiring healthy lifestyles has taken the decision, to phase open their facilities.

With regards to the squad we will begin on a temporary session programme (available here ) commencing from the 3rd August. To ensure everyone’s safety National, Age Group Performance, Age Group Development will be separated in two groups “A” and “B” with all our Junior Development swimmers coming back initially as Junior Development 1 and split into three groups “A” “B” and “C” (JD Swimmers will only be allocated 1 of the bubbles giving 1 x 1 hour session per week through this 4 week period. All JD swimmers will move onto JD 1 monthly fee during this period)

Swimmers will be allocated to their respective ability group bubbles once we receive back the “Back To Training Form” and “contact form” from the swimmers wishing to return to training. We will endeavour to keep siblings who are in the same ability group with the same bubble. Swimmers will not be allowed to return without completing the attached forms and been allocated an ability group bubble.

We will be publishing a more detailed sheet with regards to the new protocol with regards to attending sessions and entering facilities. To give head ups to limit  numbers in the facilities parents should drop off and collect swimmers, with swimmers coming to the pool with swimwear under the general clothing, entering the building following the signs and entering the poolside and making ready for the session on poolside, with the reverse on the conclusion of the session.

To split the groups as we have does require a large amount of pool-time as swimmers will be on school holidays over this first 4 week period enables us to utilise the pools during the day.

It is paramount for the swimmers safety we return very much on a reduced intensity and gradual programme which has been considered within this temporary programme. You will see there is a 15min change over time between sessions to ensure there is a safe transition between sessions. This gives swimmers time to change and exit the pool at the same the next group to make ready for their session.

As I stated earlier more details will follow along with declaration of fitness forms which we will require prior to any swimmer commencing training. The priority is to establish those swimmers who wish to return which must be done by completing the attached form and returning it no later than NEXT MONDAY 20th JULY 2020. We will then notify swimmers to which bubble they have been allocated as soon as possible after this date.

We do have to become used to new ways of operating and remaining safe and of course we are learning as we move forward and more is learned about this virus I do hope to see you all as we look forward to getting back to the pool from the 3rd August.


Temporary Weekly Training Sessions 3rd August 2020 to 31st August 2020

Questionnaire & Contact Form (Must Be Completed and returned to les.france@ihlmail.org)

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