Doping Information

It is very important that all parents and swimmers are aware of the importance of the following information. Please see the anti-doping points below for further anti-doping advice. All athletes (of any level) are required and responsible for … [Read more...]

Use of Inhalers

For information on Asthma and the use inhalers issued by the ASA please follow the link >>>> Asthma-and-the-competitive-swimmer … [Read more...]

Energy Systems

Is coaching about turning up and deciding on the day what the session for the swimmers should be? or is it planned? the following paper goes some way to highlight the considerations that a coach makes to develop swimmers over the season to formulate … [Read more...]


The sport's Long Term Athlete Development Plan can be viewed here >>>> ASA_A_Shorter_Guide_to_LTAD … [Read more...]

Swim/Cool Down Protocol

Swim Down or Cool Down is a very important and an often overlooked part of competitive swimming. The following interesting document goes some way to explain the in's and out's and should be taken on board by all swimmers. After reading this document … [Read more...]